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Beginning with puberty many young adults suffer with acne and sometimes it shows up years later as adult onset acne.  If the issue persists it can lead to a chronic unsightly condition. According to research 85% of people between the ages of 12-24 encounter breakouts and then in to later years this chronic condition can persist with 75% of the reported cases among women. Because of breakouts some individuals claim to experience depression, low self esteem, an inability to fit in, and a lack of confidence. However there is a solution to this.

If this describes your story you are not alone and there are options to aid in healing your acne skin issues and give you a clear complexion. At Ambiance Medical and Day Spa we solve this issue with a light based technology called Venus Versa™. How this works is there are two lights, a blue and red, the blue kills the bacteria and the red reduces inflammation. Therefore the result is elimination of the bacteria that was leading to a future pimple or cyst! After that you can experience acne and inflammation reduction and have the clear skin you have always wanted. You are the right candidate if you experience breakouts anywhere face or body related. You can have customized treatments designed to eliminate and heal and after that have your confidence and beauty restored. 

Key Benefits:

  • Healthier and noticeably clearer skin
  • No down time
  • Quick treatments!

Additionally, because of the way the body is producing bacteria it takes time to reverse what the body is doing erroneously. Therefore most customers’ typical series is a total of 8-10 treatments performed two times a week 3-4 days apart. Treatments take about 20-30 min and your time back to regular activities is rapid!

We are located in Fishers Indiana and serve the cities of Carmel, Indianapolis and Mccordsville. Contact us now for your next appointment! 

Clear skin is confident

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Acne solved
acne Resolved
Acne resolved
Acne Resolved

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